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  1. Sun (In*)Conjunct Pluto ~ Best Villain
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Air is the essence that travels through every body and every spirit. It is the medium that human beings speak and communicate through.

Sun (In*)Conjunct Pluto ~ Best Villain

Thoughts are invisible and opaque too this is why Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius people can float through life in an air bubble, cushioned by veiled words and puzzles The Air signs play the pan flute of the cosmos, inspires the breeze of everyone, breathing in the thoughts and musings of every man and they swirl in the mind like a spectacular orchestra, the Air sign person inhales language and words, decorates and designs and like exhaling through the panflute, they turn words into music, they turn thoughts into a melody, poetry, a tactile bliss of sensory delight.

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The water signs symbolize the elements of historical feminine healing; witches, midwives, and nurses. They are the fundamental forces of life, their creative ether is sourced through the womb of the goddess. Music of the invisible world plays a loud orchestra in their ears and emotions are experienced on a more extensive and intense resonance.

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Sleep offers a momentary solace, but even dream life tends to be vivid and potent. There is very often an internal demand to retreat in solitude, hideaway from the clamor of the world, conceal themselves within their sanctuary.

Water is the dissolute mirror, where the flap of a butterfly wing seems to send a whirlpool through the impression; and yet here lies the liquid force so powerful it holds up whole vessels. Posts Likes Following Archive. Saturn Retrograde like: Retrograde Saturn like:.

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Sun Conjunct Pluto Natal and Transit – Astrology King

Aquarius like: 11th House like:. Capricorn Venus: 10th House Venus:. Pisces Moon be like: 12th House Moon be like:. See this in the app Show more. Recently Liked. Element Dreams.


This combination draws out each-others deepest feelings and ambitions. When there are difficult Sun-Pluto contacts in synastry it sometimes describes a clash of wills and power-struggles, a difficult tension between the couple that usually builds until it explodes. The relationship is life-changing and transforming, and both will undergo personality changes. Sun-Pluto contacts may resemble a battleground where one attempts to change the other and it can sometimes reveal a struggle for dominance.

Pluto contacts in synastry hold a mutual fascination for this couple and it indicates a deep attraction to one another, and often the attraction feels irrational, fated and even compulsive. The Pluto person may have to face their unconscious motives, private fears and traumas in the course of the relationship. They experience all the Plutonian feelings, and much depends on how they handle it.