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On top of that he had tr Neptune, tr Uranus and tr Saturn all hitting Mars midpoints which would make him feel undermined, highly aggravated and depressed. People have an extraordinary way of hiding their deeper agonies from those around. He had a good many creative quintiles and septiles in his chart. His craftsman 5 th Harmonic is especially strong and talented with an Air Grand Trine formed into two Kites. His obsessional-idea 11 th Harmonic and making-a-mark-on-history 17 th Harmonic like Steve Jobs are also strong.

Cohen then moved to New York to start a musical career which took off. She ultimately went back to Norway and married into a settled bourgeois life, though the Cohen connection was always there. They died within three months of each other in Cohen was born 21 September 6. But there is less of a connection than I would have expected to find.

Pisces: Tue 12, November 12222

There was also composite Sun and widely Venus opposition a North Node square Jupiter which would bring luck and good feelings. There can be positive aspects to having a 12 th house Pluto but in an unenlightened personality it is a dark energy, obsessive and driven by primitive emotional responses. Their relationship chart has a high-tension, disruptive, differing-agendas composite Sun Mercury Uranus square Saturn opposition Neptune — which will bring out knee-jerk and fanatical responses.

Obama must have the self-control of a saint not to respond.


Heidi Klum, former model and businesswoman, was married secretly this February to Tom Kaulitz, rock guitarist with the German band Tokio Hotel. Born1 June 11am Cologne astrotheme she is a New Moon in Gemini with Saturn Venus Mercury also in Gemini — with all her Gemini planets in a high-energy square to Mars in Pisces, on this birth time on the 7 th house of relationships, and trine an independent-minded Uranus and trine Jupiter in Aquarius. Her new husband born 1 September 6. Their relationship chart, birth times being sound, has a composite New Moon which is good, making them feel more whole when together.

With a power couple Jupiter opposition Pluto square Sun, though that could turn into a power struggle at some point, fighting for the upper hand. Plus passionate Venus sextile Pluto and sparkling trine to Uranus. And a showbizzy though perhaps ego-clashing Mars Neptune conjunction. That looks subject to rolling changes and crises; with an explosive Mars Uranus and a head-in-the-clouds Jupiter square Neptune. Thousands of women across the US are evidently now adopting her tough-pixie, pink, butch hairstyle.

Her Saturn is in a cool opposition to Venus in Taurus. Her Mercury is in an intense square to Pluto and an outspoken trine to Uranus.

Brexit! True Predictions, New Predictions | Jessica Adams

A force to be reckoned with. Prince Andrew, erstwhile good friend to Jeffrey Epstein, has relied on respect for his mother, the Queen, to get him out of manifold allegations of consorting with the corrupt, financial and otherwise, in the past. But more significantly tr Pluto is moving to square his Midheaven from early for two years.

This brings a critical turning point in career or direction in life, will tend to lead to dented status and reputation as Pluto tears down old structures and to provoke hostility and resistance from others. It can also have health implications and given that both tr Saturn and tr Pluto are now moving through his 6 th he will be under pressure on the fitness front. Their competitive composite Sun Mars conjunction in the relationship chart is being severely rattled by this months Solar Eclipse and their composite Uranus by the upcoming Lunar Eclipse. And it moves into even more disruptive times from early with tr Pluto opposition the composite Uranus — so there will be even more fallout next year.

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Tr Neptune is square the composite Saturn from late March with major ructions and ruptures from late May onwards as tr Uranus rattles the central Mars Midheaven opposition Pluto. With the exception of his Pisces Sun matching her Venus in Pisces, everything else is at cross purposes.

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It suggests a relationship that is power-based, very tied together though not by affection, but by who holds the reins and is also built to a degree on an illusion with such a strong Neptune. It was severely shaken by the previous kerfuffle that saw Andrew lose his trade envoy official role. He does have a Yod onto an apex planet Uranus in the 1 st inconjunct Mercury sextile Saturn. Such a Yod tends to produce a personality that is wilful, rebellious and can be lawless, since convention will be kicked aside.

It can be a trailblazer in a more evolved individual, but its intolerance and disruptive behaviour tends to cause rifts in their environment. This year the two legs of the Yod are being pressured by transits — his Saturn Return and tr Neptune conjunct Mercury. Unemployment in Scotland at 3.